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Lawn Service


Complete lawn-mowing service with either your choice of catch or mulching of grass.

All edges trimmed and tidied.

Blowing down of paths & driveways and sweeping if necessary.







Professional edging using the atom edger, great for thicker or hardier lawns (ie buffalo, couch) which gives that perfect finish.



Pruning & Weeding


Pruning of shrubs and trees, hedge trimming, weeds killed or removed.






Fertilising of plants and grass.


Green Waste Removal


Grass and clippings removed, also tree branches and common green waste.


Brick edging/ planter boxes/ retainer walls


Special design brick planters, retaining walls, brick edging.


General Maintenance & Clean-ups


Regular maintenance, clean-ups, garden bed mulch, paths cleared, lawn raked etc.




Gutter Clearing


Gutters cleaned. Single-storey residential ONLY




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much do you charge?

We aim to give you a realistic & competitive price. Many factors contribute to the price including size of lawn, length of grass, optional green-waste disposal and period cycle of service.


What payment methods are acceptable?

Cash payment is always preferred. Bank deposit (EFT) is also good. Online Payments are available via Paymate.


How long for payment?

Instant payment is always preferred. Payment is within 7 days, if there is a problem up to 14 days with notification is acceptable.

Late fees apply.


Do you supply an invoice to customers?

Yes. We do supply customers with an invoice of charges and work carried out if necessary.

Invoices can be posted or emailed to you. Payment details and terms are contained on the invoice.


Can I state a time for the job to be done?

Yes. We do our best to do the job on the day that suits our customers, however things can happen.


Do you give a quote over the phone?

We can give an estimated cost over the phone, but it is suggested we quote your lawn and/or other work prior to starting.

We can come to you to do a FREE no obligation quote, so we know exactly what you want and cost involved.


Do I need to be home for you to do my lawn?

Not at all. If we have non-restricted access to your property there is no need for you to be there. However, if you own a dog(s) it would be great to let us know so we can make arrangements with you prior to showing up.


What if you damage something?

If it is our fault we will rectify it. We DO NOT take responsibility for damage caused by objects within the lawn such as pebbles, rocks, toys, mulch, tools etc of which may become missile hazards. On each visit we record any damage to the property prior to starting the job.


Are you Insured?

Yes. We have full public liability insurance cover(~5Mill) with Liberty International Underwriters


Our bin is full. Will you take the grass?

Yes. We can take the grass, however that will incur an additional charge based on the size/ length of your lawn.


Im on a budget and cant afford it regularly, will you still do it?

Yes. However, it is recommended you do not let your lawn go unserviced for any longer than 4-5 weeks(yr round) in between visits. Doing so loses the visual appeal of your lawn and may incur additional costs to you, ie. it takes us longer to service and/ or more grass to dispose of.


Can I alternate my service schedule?

Yes, at any time. If you can notify us within 1-3 days prior to your original service date we can re-schedule you for another time.

We use proven scheduling software so you are not forgotten,we can also advise you on what scheduled service is recommended for your type of lawn based on season.


What if you dont come on the scheduled day?

Due to unexpected circumstances (ie weather/ breakdowns) we may be unable to service on the scheduled day. For whatever reason you will be given first priority and your service will commence on the next available day.

We prefer not to mow your lawn in the rain as it is unsafe and effects the quality of the cut and finish.




[*] terms & conditions


Winter Lawn Care


Even though your grass lies dormant in the winter, it does not mean your lawn care for those 3 months is not necessary. It is in fact the opposite in many instances. Heres a few tips..

Tip#1 Weeds actually grow much quicker than the grass during the cooler months therefore they are easier to spot as well. It's best to remove the weeds or apply weed-killer during this time so they dont overrun your lawn and ruin it entirely for the spring.

Tip#2 Mow your lawn 1-2 notches shorter before winter arrives, this protects it from animals/insects etc that may burrow in the grass to keep warm and hence leave roots and deadspots where they nest. Maintain that height of your lawn throughout the winter.

Tip#3 Remove any debris ie toys furniture logs etc from your lawn. The weight of these objects on your grass during the winter period can leave thin, patchy or even dead areas which will be present in the Springtime.

Also rake leaves up especially in shady areas of your lawn, not doing this can halt lawn growth and attract diseases as well.

Tip#4 Fertilise. Fertilising your lawn early winter will help enrich your soil with nutrients it may have lost during the summer/autumn periods. It also has better chance of soaking into the soil (dampness) of which will result in a heathier lawn come spring.



The recommended time of year to fertilise your lawn is spring,summer or autumn.

For new healthy grass wait 5 weeks before fertilising, after that a regular routine of fertilising every 6–8 weeks should be implemented.

Grass doesn't flower, so it needs a different type of fertiliser from other garden plants. With so many available lawn food's on the shelves today it can be quite daunting.

Lawn fertlisers can be categorised into:

Organic (natural)

Synthetic (fast-acting)

Dry (granular-slow release)

Liquid (quickest)

Whether you go organic, chemical, dry or liquid when choosing your lawn food, it's really up to you. The important thing to understand is the N:P:K ratio and you'll find that little chemical equation on the pack.

The 'N' is for nitrogen - that gets the leaves green and growing. The 'P' is phosphorous, that'll make the roots grow strong and deep. And the 'K' is for potassium, which helps the grass cope with drought and resist disease.